Progress from that Mingo I posted however long ago

redesigning my OP oc crew. 2 down, 8 to go

Skipping class to watch your BFF draw anime

Rayleigh is just a simple ship coater. Nothing impressive about him at all. Nope.

watercolor brush?? water? mermaid.

[S] Paige: do the lazy composition thing and call it practice

baltigo: hey, I love your sugar fan art! but just fyi what you wrote on the banner means "kiss (as noun though, not verb) / to me / donkey" xD not "kiss my ass"! the right translation would be "culum meum basia" or "culum meum osculare" ;)

thank god, somebody who actually knows Latin

I put it into google translate thinking “I can’t wait until somebody corrects me on this because I’m totally wrong”

If I ever sell that piece as a print or whatever I’ll edit it for that but for now it’d be pretty hard to get the correct version circulating. Thank you so much for the proper translation though 

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